Online Metallic Cartridge Training Course

Online Metallic Cartridge Training Course

  • $70.00

DISCLAIMER: THIS COURSE IS NOT AFFILIATED WITH THE NRA. While the instructor is certified to teach the live NRA course in-person, this online course is offered exclusively by Reloading Basics, LLC.

This is an entire course in metallic cartridge reloading, hosted by Joel F. Guerin, a Certified Metallic Cartridge Reloading Instructor and author of "Things They Don't Tell You About Reloading." Covered in this course are individually scheduled live classes (limited to a maximum of 10 participants per class) including:

  • #1: Cases - structure, styles, condition, sourcing, sorting, cleaning, prepping, etc. The one component that is actually reused multiple times.
  • #2: Powder, Bullets, and Primers - the specifics about the other components needed for metallic cartridge reloading. 
  • #3: Equipment - what is necessary, what is optional. Covers  presses, dies, priming devices, scales, lubes, calipers, manuals, etc.
  • #4: Primers and Priming - a more in-depth discussion of one of the more dangerous aspects of reloading. Unlike powder, which is technically an accelerant, primers are a true explosive. Chain ignitions represent one of the biggest hazards in reloading.
  • #5: Load Development - what manuals to use and how. What constitutes a safe minimum load, and the true definition of a maximum load. Includes a detailed review of pressure, signs of excessive pressure, signs of headspace problems, how to develop a load, bullet and powder selections, and what components can - and cannot - be safely substituted.
  • #6: Powder Measuring - accurate powder measuring is done to 1/70,000th of a pound! (1/10th of a grain.) Learn how to do it accurately and safely.
  • #7: Reloading Pistol Cartridges - a complete review and live demonstration of pistol cartridges being loaded from load development, case prep and sizing, priming, powder measuring, charging the cases, bullet seating, crimping, and final inspection.
  • #8: Reloading Rifle Cartridges -  The same course as above, for a popular rifle cartridge.

Purchase of this course entitles the student to a free copy of "Things They Don't Tell You About Reloading" and registration in all eight classes, given at an assortment of dates and times to accommodate most schedules. Email for availability.