Things They Don't Tell You About Reloading

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Written by Joel F. Guerin, a certified metallic reloading cartridge instructor.

BRAND NEW Third Edition for 2018! One more chapter, 22 more pages, now with 107 photos illustrating key steps and equipment! Includes a helpful primer cross reference chart in the Appendix.

The book for every new as well as experienced metallic cartridge reloader. The Third Edition is expanded to 144 pages covering necessary and optional equipment, components, safety, testing, and more! Learn how to safely and accurately measure powder to 1/70,000th of a pound. Entire chapters on equipment and on each component. What steps are mandatory and what are optional. Even an entire chapter just about crimping, one of the most confusing areas for new reloaders. Step-by-step guidance on loading your first cartridges. An entire chapter is dedicated to safely testing your new loads at the range, checking for consistency and especially bullet creep - the most important indicator of whether or not your crimp is correct. There are extensive safety tips and warnings, including photos, that go WAY beyond what anyone else has ever been willing to publish!

Learn how to safely get started reloading your own ammo or review your current practices and learn new ones. All books are 8 1/2" x 11", Perfect-bound or spiral bound (to lay flat) versions available at checkout. 

This book does not contain load formulations and is not a substitute for current, credible reloading manuals.

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